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AMERELLER is trusted by clients to manage a range of conventional and complex disputes.

We seek to strategically resolve disputes with informal and pre-litigation solutions where possible.  In formal court proceedings, we manage teams of litigators in local and cross-border disputes throughout the region.  

Arbitration is a major practice area of the firm, and our lawyers have appeared before tribunals throughout the region including the DIAC, ICC, ICSID, LCIA, and UNCITRAL.

Recent Representative Matters:

  • Representing a major investor in commercial arbitration proceedings against several State entities and a Middle Eastern State in disputes arising out of a sale of assets agreement with a value in excess of 300 million USD
  • Counsel to one of the largest tourism developers in the Middle East in a cluster of Cairo-based and foreign arbitrations concerning a large development project on the Red Sea Coast, involving 6 parties and aggregate claimed amounts of about 175 million USD
  • Acting as co-counsel in litigation proceedings before Egyptian and US courts against a leading French producer of veterinarian products in a related dispute in an amount exceeding USD 120 million
  • Represented successfully a multinational company in a major investment litigation complex against the Egyptian Government and other government agencies/State entities with an aggregated claim amounting to USD100 million
  • Representing one of the leading French companies before Egyptian courts in a lawsuit against the company and some of its former employees concerning termination of an agency agreement in Saudi Arabia and breach of a non-competition clause with a compensation claim in the amount of USD 100 million
  • Representing a leading British firm in the field of credit bureau services in a dispute against the company before Egyptian courts in the amount of USD 20 million
  • Representing an international supplier of railway technology in a dispute with ENR
  • Advising a foreign consortium on a PPP project in relation to wastewater
  • Counsel to a leading German-based international conglomerate in an investment arbitration against a Middle Eastern State
  • Counsel to one of the Middle East’s largest private equity companies in two related arbitrations arising in connection with the acquisition of shares in a large group of companies, involving 16 parties, and cross-claims in excess of a billion EGP. The firm also advised on pre-arbitration steps and coordinated arbitration and court proceedings and handled related settlement negotiations and agreements
  • Counsel to the owner of one of Cairo’s landmark hotels in a dispute arising under the management agreement with a multinational hotel management company under the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules, in what is probably the largest current hotel management dispute in the Middle East
  • Acting as adviser to claimant on Iraqi law issues in three ICSID arbitrations
  • Acting as legal experts appointed by the Ministry of Oil in various arbitrations
  • Advising a foreign contractor in relation to a sub-contract dispute related to the expansion of Cairo airport
  • Representing one of the largest Asian trading companies active in Iraq in the successful dismissal of a claim in the Karada Commercial Court and Baghdad District Court arising from the termination of a joint venture
  • Representing major oil companies and operators in numerous litigations in KRI.
  • Representing various foreign defendants in the largest civil liability case ever initiated in Iraq against foreign defendants
  • Handling in parallel of more than 200 labor disputes involving foreign or foreign-owned contractors
  • Representing an international technology company in Libyan court proceedings and related ICC arbitral proceedings defending against claims brought by a former Libyan state trading company
  • Regularly providing expert advice on Libyan law in court and international arbitral proceedings
  • Successfully represented the Central Bank of Iraq in proceedings defending against the recognition and enforcement of a Dutch court decision
  • Represented a leading international automotive company in its dispute with one of the large local entities in a compensation claim amounting to EUR1.5 million, where a judgment had been rendered in its favor
  • Represented an international Hotel Management Company in a dispute with the owner of two hotels in Egypt before the Cassation Court regarding the annulment of the arbitral award issued for its benefit, and obtained a judgment annulling the appellate court judgment rendered against the Hotel Management Company annulling the arbitration reward and affirming the latter. The dispute had a value of EGP150,000,000
  • Represented a German supplier before the Egyptian High Criminal Court of Public Funds, in a high profile “Post Arab Spring case”, and obtained an acquittal judgment for the company and annulling the judgment rendered against its legal representative convicting him with embezzlement of public funds. The case further required negotiation with the Egyptian government to settle an arbitration claim before ICSID
  • Represented several multinational companies and a group of British buyers in cases of debt collection which amounted to over EGP25 million, where severe procedures had been taken against the adversaries (travel ban, ban of disposal, dismissal from the public position) and collecting the total amount of debts
  • Represented a political foundation in the case known publicly as “The Foreign Financing” case before the Cassation Court, where he was able to dismiss the judgment rendered earlier against the said foundation
  • Appointed as presiding arbitrator in a CRCICA arbitration involving an Egyptian subsidiary of a US-based oil services company and a joint venture between an Egyptian state oil company and a multinational exploration company
  • Appointed as arbitrator in a DIAC dispute involving a sale and purchase agreement of shares between UAE parties
  • Represented a German company in a DIS arbitration against a state-owned entity involving the supply and installation contracts in a national infrastructure project
  • Represented a Cayman Islands company in a CRCICA arbitration against Maltese and Egyptian companies involving a sale and purchase and assignment agreements of shares in a BVI company
  • Represented a European community company in a jurisdictional dispute under the auspices of the ICC against Egyptian individuals
  • Co-arbitrator in a CRCICA arbitration in Cairo, Egypt under Egyptian law relating to a hydraulic fracturing agreement
  • Represented a German group-company in an ICC arbitration in Cairo, Egypt under Egyptian law relating to a technology transfer agreement for the manufacturing of oil products (successfully settled)
  • Represented an Egyptian company in an LCIA arbitration in London, United Kingdom under English law relating to the supply of liquefied natural gas in Egypt (successfully settled)
  • Represented a Lebanese and an American company in an ICC arbitration in Zurich, Switzerland under Delaware law in relation to a stock purchase agreement
  • Successfully represented an Egyptian subsidiary of an international beverage company in a CRCICA arbitration in Cairo, Egypt under Egyptian law relating to an assets purchase agreement
  • Successfully represented a German DAX-group-company in a CRCICA arbitration in Cairo, Egypt under Egyptian law relating to a showroom construction project
  • Represented a German DAX-group-company in an ICC arbitration in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia under Saudi law relating to a large-scale project in Saudi Arabia (successfully settled)
  • Advising a leading oil and gas industry supplier on a dispute against its regional CEO for corporate fraud. We have also assisted the client with filing criminal complaints in Germany, UAE and Egypt, and advised them on statement writing and case strategy
  • Successfully represented a German investor in ICSID proceedings against the Arab Republic of Egypt based on wrongful criminal convictions handed down after the Egyptian Revolution 2011



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