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The tax landscape in the Middle East began changing in June 2017 when Saudi Arabia introduced a tax on selective goods – excise duty, followed by the United Arab Emirates in October 2017.However, for many businesses, the real change occurred on 1st January 2018, when Value Added Tax has come into force in the UAE and KSA.  In 2021, the UAE signed a document prepared by OECD called Inclusive Framework on BEPS aimed at rebuilding the principles of international taxation to address new challenges related to the digital economy. One of the consequences of signing the above document is a pledge from the signatories to introduce corporate income tax for large companies and multinational corporations under the so-called Pillar II.

As the new tax regime in 2023 brought yet another major shift among businesses in the mainland and free zones, it is apparently critical for businesses to seek expert guidance to evaluate their compliance readiness and resilience to stimulate business growth amidst the rapidly changing tax landscape.

Multinational corporations depend on AMERELLER’s tax experts in guiding them through the laborious and daunting task of preparing and completing tax filings. Following international standards in tax practices, our team of tax experts and lawyers advises clients on how to navigate the complexities of emerging risks most businesses face to avoid the financial strain on their businesses in the coming years.


With already announced corporate tax in the UAE and expected to be announced VAT in Qatar we offer our clients in-depth study outlining impact of the incoming taxation on their business with detailed plan on the next steps to prepare our clients to comply with new obligations.

We advise clients on all aspects related to tax compliance responsibilities, including assessment on the obligation to register for tax in GCC jurisdictions. We are able to verify draftreturns prepared internally by our clients or prepare tax workings ourselves, ready to be filed by our clients.

We do not only provide our workings but are ready to provide post-return support, where applicable and needed by our clients. We can support filing all types of tax returns in the GCC region (VAT, Excise Tax, ZAKAT, WHT, etc.).

We at AMERELLER Tax are aware that commonly understood tax planning is coming to an end and businesses need different types of advice and support to ensure that taxes are being paid in the correct jurisdictions and correct amount. We analyze the legal and corporate structure of our clients and provide the most feasible and effective solution to optimize the tax liabilities of our clients.

VAT remains one of the main sources of revenue for the authorities and with over 170 countries having already implemented this tax, sometimes two or more jurisdictions may attempt to impose VAT on the transaction. Therefore it is crucial to have high-quality expertise in hand in order to structure and settle the transaction properly. We advise clients on cross-border transactions as well as help with the proper assessment of transactions, where free zones are involved.

We advise clients in review and optimization of the supply chain from tax and customs duties perspective, including verification of Harmonized System (HS) codes and Certificates of Origin (COAs) are used for customs purposes.

AMERELLER Tax provides assistance in the verification of transactions subject to WHT, drafting supporting documentation, assessment of optimization opportunities, and WHTrelated compliance services for multinational businesses, including support in the retention of tax-related obligations.

The tax landscape in the GCC region is rapidly changing and new legal acts and responsibilities are being imposed at a pace that has never been seen before. It is important to have a trusted and experienced advisor who can assess whether the business or natural person is or can become a tax resident in the relevantjurisdiction. This is a crucial analysis to establish further tax obligations or lack thereof.

With the implementation of BEPS transfer pricing gained significant attention from tax authorities and taxpayers. Preparation of local and master files, proper documentation to support transfer pricing decisions, identification and mitigation of transfer pricing-related risks, and preparation of Advanced Pricing Agreements (APAs) – those are areas where our experienced lawyers can provide assistance and enhance your TP processes.

UAE with over 130 and KSA with over 50 double tax treaties have created an extensive network of tax treaties with the vast majority of European economies and the majority of global economies in the world. We advise clients with multinational presence where tax treaties have been misapplied, including advisory in launching Mutual Agreement Procedure (MAP).

Country-by-Country reporting is a mechanism implemented as part of the BEPS initiative launched by the OECD that has been adopted in the UAE, KSA, Oman, and Qatar among the GCC countries. We bring our experience to assess our client’s responsibilities under the CbCR legislation, perform CbCR-related risk assessment, and help with filing the notification and reports.

There is no doubt that Pillar II is the most discussed tax topic for multinational businesses at the moment. The legislation is complex and requires an understanding of both legal concepts and the economic impact of the Pillar II legislation. We at AMERELLER Tax can help you to identify risks related to Pillar II, provide advice on its applicability and explain the consequences of being covered by the Pillar II provisions.

As GCC tax authorities increase their audit capabilities we see a growing number of tax audits in the region. Our team of experienced lawyers advises clients on all matters related to tax audits to obtain the most favorable solution for our clients.

We conduct reviews to identify potential tax risks with our clients and to establish a mitigation plan for those risks. We also support businesses during the M&A process by offering tax due diligence services. We provide sound and commercially feasible solutions aimed at decreasing the risk profile of our clients and assisting in the implementation of processes to increase the compliance level of the business.









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